Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dear Friends,

It is welcome news that PBS is planning to broadcast Andrew Goldberg's "The Armenian Genocide" documentary on April 17, 2006. However, we are immensely hurt by the news that this will be followed by a 25 minute long discussion by a panel that includes two genocide deniers.

We are confident that the Armenian Genocide scholars will present a superb scholarly case, but we strongly feel that debating the Armenian Genocide is akin to arguing about the Jewish Holocaust in order to project a sense of "balance". Would PBS ever contemplate such a program?

A petition against the insulting PBS panel discussion was launched a few weeks ago which has already been signed by more than 16,000 individuals. As of now, several major PBS stations have already dropped the post-show panel. However, there are many other PBS stations that are still undecided. Your signature CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

You can help STOP the government of Turkey stifling honest free speech in America through dishonest, fraudulent 'free' speech.

Please click on the link below and sign the petition:

If you have already signed the petition, please forward this e-mail to everyone in your e-mail address book.

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