Sunday, March 19, 2006

Israeli Scholar Called Events in 1915 Armenian Genocide

18.03.2006 01:59 GMT+04:00

"The deportation in 1915, in my opinion, was a genuine genocide, and it was widely covered by the world press, despite Ottoman state's efforts," Israeli historian Yair Auron stated at of New Approaches in the Turkish-Armenian Relations conference at Istanbul University. Auron emphasized that within that period many newspapers in Palestine covered the issue of the Armenian Genocide. "We can clearly see it by studying publications of that time. I studied well memoirs, sources and I conceive that what happened to Armenians was a genocide," the Israeli scholar stated. Auron's statements outraged some participants of New Approaches in Turkish-Armenian Relations conference. However, organizers of the event said tolerance should be displayed to any opposite opinion, the Marmara Istanbul newspaper reports.

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