Wednesday, March 22, 2006

14:09 20/03/06

On March 18 about 20 demonstrations were expected to take place in Berlin, about 1500 policemen had to do overtime work to protect the demonstrators from indiscipline.

Turkish nationalistic organizations had planned a great demonstration on March 18 in concern with 85th anniversary of death of taleat pasha. And about 4 million Turks living in Germany were to "take their flags and come to Berlin" to take part in "the great event of the year" in order to prove that the Turks are "innocent" and that there was no Armenian Genocide in Western Turkey.

That impudent announcement infuriated even Berlin Police and the demonstration was banned. Yet, the slimy organizers got the right to hold the demonstration by a Court resolution. On March 16 the police appealed to Berlin-Brandenburg Departmental Court with the demand to ban the demonstration as "taleat pasha" was one of the main organizers of Armenian Genocide".

Yet the Supreme Court of Democratic Germany couldn't uphold the claim and passed a resolution rather important for the Armenians: "Allow the demonstration on a strict stipulation: any poster, speech, picture or opinion denying the Armenian Genocide will be condemned by 189 article of Criminal Code (reviling of memory of victims)."

About 1700 participants of the demonstration on March 18 were watched by the police from Urania to Charlottenburg. They demanded from the demonstrators to show all the posters and pictures. Turkish demonstrators demanded that the Bundestag should call beck the resolution of July 16, 2005 according to which Germany adopted the fact of Armenian Genocide.

On the other hand the German Right Extremists (NPD) had organized a demonstration of protest against the Turks. They warned the Turkish demonstrators with posters and appeals like "No Parisian situation in Berlin", "Berlin is a German city".

German Left Party (PDS) had also surrounded Charlottenburger Chlosschtrassen as a sign of protest against Turkish demonstrators.

Christian Democratic and Christian Social (CDU/CSU) parties condemned Turkish nationalists strictly.

It should be mentioned that the demonstration turned in favor of the Armenians. As it is known, demonstrations were held in French cities Lion and Marsalis. And here the French defended the Armenian Trial.

The procession of Turkish nationalists organized in Lion had a dramatic end. Yet, French (!) demonstrators stood on the way of the Turkish demonstrators and the police had to use tear-gas to calm the demonstrators.

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