Saturday, March 18, 2006


AZG Armenian Daily #049, 18/03/2006

Despite the ban of the Berlin Police against "Talat Pasha rally," Turkish nationalists held a gathering in the German capital. Turks were forced to change the rally site as the Armenian community of Berlin had already occupied the site. Turkish Zaman newspaper wrote on March 16 that the rally gathered 15 members of the Turkish Workers' Party and Kemalist unions. The rally failed as a result of squabble between TWP and Kemalists.

Moreover, the Armenians of Berlin together with the Assyrian community organized their own rally carrying posters "No Hailing of Genocidal Turkey in Germany", "Armenians and Assyrians Jointly Condemn Turkey for the Genocide." The Turkish rally participants, Zaman writes, observed a minute's silence in memory of Talat.

The rally was initially planned to take place on March 18, and the organizers threatened to enroll 5 million strong Turkish community of Europe. Its staging 3 days earlier allows us to assume that the Turks attempted to evade the Berlin Police's decision.

By Hakob Chakrian

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