Sunday, February 01, 2004

AZG Armenian Daily #015 - 31/01/2004



Armenian people are tired of politics and political stresses, ethnic psychiatrist Karine Nalchadjian said January 30 answering daily Azg's question.

In Ms. Nalchadjian's words, psychiatric crisis is typical to people during transition periods, during which the people discard certain high or traditional values. Self-protection instincts are gaining larger importance among people at such periods, and moral disappointments prevent people from sympathizing a person and seeing a leader in him. Right now this is what's happening in Armenia, and only improved social conditions can waken enthusiasm and certain cherished values among the nation.

The fact of the current authorities being the only party that can improve people's well being, it turns out that the ruling elite on purpose keeps the social conditions of people on a level which enables them to only survive. For when people's condition reaches certain stable situation, in words of Ms. Nalchadjian, they start noticing other things than what's necessary for survival, and have more demands, express thoughts or revolt. This is what's done in Armenia, and no opposition powers can now do anything. This is of course, unless someone who really cares about people will emerge, and is able to win their sympathy.

The only thing that, according to Nalchadjian, can awaken the Armenians, among the current problems, is the Karabakh problem. In the psychiatrist's opinion, as far as the idea of homeland and patriotism sits very deep in the soul of Armenians, in the case the Karabakh's fate is endangered, i.e. an option that goes counter to the Armenian interests is adopted officially, then inner fluctuations and mass disorders reaching to a revolt are possible.

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