Saturday, February 14, 2004

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Tonight in Yerevan, the streets are crowded with couples. It’s nice to see so many young people in love.

My girlfriend and I went out for Chinese food at Lotus, which is down the street from the Ani Plaza Hotel. Though the food had much room for improvement, it was the first time my girlfriend has had Chinese and for the most part she liked it.

Today was quite hot and I won’t say it was short pants weather, but was the kind of weather that you don’t need a jacket. Even right now a long sleve shirt is enough to keep warm. I’m sure it will get cold again and then March will be who knows what?

They have a new big screen television in Independence Square, which really lights up the place, but the programs that they show is a bit questionable. Last night, they were showing a fashion show that had bare-breasted models. Not that this is bad, but it seems not to mix well with our culture. I wonder who is in charge of programming for this television?

Not much else going on right now that I can write about other than I’m still in Yerevan meeting people and don’t know if I’ll see everyone that I need to on this trip.

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