Thursday, February 19, 2004

For the most part, the ARF and I are thinking on the same level, but then again I think for the most part all of us are thinking on this level. Now let’s see if they can accomplish 10% of what they desire. I wish them luck.

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Repeated expressions

"The party will continue to strengthen the Armenian state, insisting on the state's defend of the rights of Armenians of Artsakh and other regions, straighten the struggle for Hay Dat and national identity of Diaspora Armenians and their relations with the Homeland".

No to corruption, yes to legality

"ARF will use all of its strength to fundamentally improve the socio-economic conditions in Armenia, to eliminate corruption and economic monopoly, to establish social justice and rule of law, to form civil society and make fundamental improvement of the political system".

No reconciliation

"ARF will continue its vigorous struggle for the Hay Dat. The fake initiative of Turkish-Armenian reconciliation is completely unacceptable. The General Congress underscores the necessity of expanding and giving momentum to the activities aimed at recognition of the Armenian Genocide and
neutralizing of Turkey's denial policy".

NKR as a negotiating part

"ARF considers unacceptable any concession in Nagorno Karabakh Republic security guarantees. The international recognition of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic should contribute to its reunification with the Homeland. In the conditions of Azerbaijani government's destructive policy, the Nagorno
Karabakh Republic should be involved in the peace talks, while Armenia should be the guarantor of Artsakh's independence and security".

Sovereignty to Javakhk

"ARF will support the Javakhk Armenians to overcome the tough socio-economic conditions, triggering cultural, educational, lives, and will react to the Javakhk Armenians' quest for incorporating a provision of autonomy in Georgia's constitution".

Citizenship of Armenia to Diaspora friends

"It is necessary to clarify and reevaluate the relations between the Homeland and Diaspora making them more complete and coordinated. The Armenian constitution should provide for dual citizenship".

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