Saturday, February 21, 2004

Tonight I went to Southern Fried Chicken (SFC) and have to say that the food there is quite good. Only problem I had was the Ketchup, which has a strange taste and an exp. date of 14.04.03.

Though SFC is a very clean establishment, with cleaning people to rush your table the minute you get up and a bathroom with a live-in cleaning lady, the bathroom situation is a bit odd. What I mean is that they have one bathroom, with 2 sinks and 2 toilets, which is used by both sexes.

Today I found myself coming out of the toilet to find 3 girls/women at the 2 sinks doing their make-up. And though I didn’t mind watching them working away at making themselves beautiful, my food was getting cold and I had to wash my hands. After a couple of minutes of waiting, they gave up one of the sinks and as I was drying my hands, the lesser of the attractive finished and waited for her friend to finish to leave, freeing up much needed breathing space, as if she didn’t trust me in the same room alone with her very attractive friend.

The weather here in Yerevan is great. It’s not too cold and there is no sign of rain yet, though I did wash my car today, so you can be sure that rain will soon start.

I was told that a couple of days ago they had very heavy hail in Martuni, knocking out the telephone system and breaking windows.

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