Thursday, February 26, 2004

Living in a small town in Artsakh has its good and bad sides. Though I’ve shared with you many of the good things, I have finally encountered one of the bad things that has personally involved me.

What could be so bad that I would notice it and it had a slight effect on me? Gossip about me.

It seems that according to someone, I had not returned to Martuni for the last month because get this, I was beaten up severely by some Americans and was recovering in a hospital in Yerevan.

I learned this when again I got a call from my accountant a few days ago when in Yerevan, who was almost in a panic asking me if I was okay!? I told her yes and she again asked me if I was sure? I again said yes and asked her if she had a bad dream? She said no and hung up.

Yes, small town Martuni, what would I do without you and all the unemployed people who have nothing better to do.

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