Thursday, April 13, 2006

Azerbaijan showing their true colors again

Anyone who thinks that we can live with the Azeris in peace side by side is just dreaming.

The only peace we will have will come with a strong national defense force to defend our boarders and a viable economy. Anything short of this is dangerous.

As long as influential persons such as the leader of the Popular Front in Azerbaijan can propose to have a statue erected of internationally recognized murderer such as Enver has to tell us who the Azeris really are. If the general population does not appose such proposals, it means that they all agree with Enver’s past deeds and are capable of committing the same acts.

By Hakob Chakrian

AZG Armenian Daily

The Azerbaijani opposition has embarked on pulling down the statues of Soviet leaders in the country.

Popular Front leader Ghudrat Hasankuliev appealed to the parliament demanding to erect the statue of Enver Pasha. He elaborated that the latter saved the Azerbaijani people from a genocide at the hands of Armenians. Writing about this, Milliet Turkish newspaper informs that the parliament speaker sent the proposal to an ad hoc commission for discussion.

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