Saturday, April 15, 2006

Azeribaijan showing their true colors #2

Political parties and associations protest Ramil Safarov's sentence

14 April 2006 [22:20] - Today.Az

Alongside the injustice shown at issuing the life sentence on Azeri military officer Ramil Safarov charged with killing Armenian officer in Hungary, the sentence itself is issued by the order of Armenian lobby, Mamed Alizadeh, Chairman of Deliberative Council and leader of Azerbaijan Democratic World Party, stated.

As Trend reports, he said that R. Safarov was sentenced to life, as Azerbaijan's society was not eager to protect his rights. "Armenian lobby in Hungary did much for issuing such a sentence on our compatriot. In this regard we should do our best to have the Appeal Court of Hungary change the penalty",- he outlined.

On this matter Umud party has disseminated a statement saying Hungarian court has shown its injustice on the case of Azeri officer.

"The last words said by R.Safarov show that he had killed Ramenian officer not in revenge, he was provoked to commit the crime. This fact should have promoted the penalty softening. However, 5eh court didn't mind his words."

Umud party officials also suggest the influence of Armenian lobby on the judge.

Azerbaijan Way movement also regarded the verdict issued by Judge Andrash Vashkuti as biased. The movement officials said fair judge should have thoroughly analyzed the case, but the judge did not take R.Safarov's feelings into consideration.

Vurgun Eyyub, Deputy Chairman, Mussavat, says it had been very unfortunate to present him as national hero as such position had a bad influence on the judge. Mr Eyyub says that official Baku should persuade Hungarian Appeal Court to change the penalty.

Vahdat, Islamic, Social-Democratic, Great Creation, Civil unity and Ana Vatan parties also protested R.Safarov's unfair sentence.


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