Saturday, April 15, 2006

Azeri people showing their true colors again

It should really concern everyone (even those in Azerbaijan) and give the international powers a better idea who Armenia has been dealing with for the last couple hundred years.

When "normal" Azeri citizens protest the punishment of a person who murdered a sleeping man with an ax, who they consider a national hero, it should tell us all what the Azeris have and will do if they get the chance.

Take a look at the faces of the people in this log and ask yourself if they look like people you would want your children to have as neighbors?

I can tell you right now, there will be no peace deal signed in the near future where we open the boarders with Azerbaijan. Not because we don't want it, but it seems from what the people and governemnt has been doing over the last 10+ years will put us in harms way if the boarders were open.

Meeting to protest Ramil Safarov's sentence dispersed by police

14 April 2006 [17:32] - Today.Az

Meeting was held near the Huseyn Javid monument in Baku to protest the court sentence to the Azerbaijani officer, Ramil Safarov sentenced to life.

Activists of Karabakh liberation organization and students organized meeting, Trend reports. However, it was soon dispersed by the police.

The meeting's leader, Akif Nagy have been detained and other demonstrators dispersed.

The rally participants have been protesting against the harsh sentence demanding to review the case.

The similar actions are expected in the regions.


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