Saturday, April 01, 2006

Monitoring Hate in the Azeri Media

Read this interesting blog-post this morning on iArarat. As we all know, media hate fans the flames of readership fears and unfortunately crack-head reporters like Elchin Gasanov do much more social harm than good. Elchin is practically out of his mind in this article. No sane reporter would declare such a pro-war stance. It's obvious, Elchin has not experienced what the real horrors of war can produce.

In an article published in the Azeri internet daily Echo (Russian language), one Elchin Gasanov, a writer by trade sad to say, calls his compatriots to start a new war against Armenia thus echoing the leaders of the country in more ways than one. Here is the original paragraph in Russian:

Армяне не понимают слов, не надо писать книги, приводить исторические ссылки, аргументы, статьи, все это бесполезно. Этого всего не нужно делать. Сотни томов написано на тему Карабаха, а смысл? Надо давить и душить армян как инфицированных и прокаженных. Отсюда вывод: железо и кровь! Война неизбежна!

Which for those of you who can not read Russian translates into the creative lines that even would raise the envy of the Nazis:

Armenian, they don't understand words, there is no need to write books, bring up historical evidence, arguments, articles, all of it is useless. There have been hundreds of volumes written on the issue of Karabakh, and was there ever a meaning to it? What needs to be done is to trample upon and strangle the Armenians just like one would do the infected people and the lepers. And here is the conclusion: iron and blood! War is inevitable!

Peaceful words indeed. Warning to the travelers to Azerbaijan, check first in your local clinic for infectious diseases and for leprosy. You heard the threats.

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