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[01:08 pm] 19 May, 2006

At night of May 18 a bronze car of brand "Infinity" with statenumbers 90LO200 burned in the yard of the house N1 on Yekmalyan street,Yerevan. It was registered by the name of Alexander Vardanov, executivedirector of "ArmEconomBank" but was used by a woman of about 25-30named Gayane. The site of the fire is an elitist building built bybusinessman Mika Baghdasarov. Let us inform you that Mika Baghdasarovis also stockholder of "ArmEconomBank" and owner of "Armavia" thetwo planes of which were destroyed recently.

The fire brigade received the alarm at 02:03 AM, and at 02:14 thefire was put out. We received the information from the informationservice of the Emergency Administration. Besides this, they also knewthat the wheels and the left back part of the car had burned and thatit belonged to someone by the name A. Vardanov.

One thing strange about the case is that yesterday it was not includedin the police statements. The representatives of the correspondingpolice service learned about the arson of the car from us.

After the fire had been put out Gayane who uses the car informedthose gathered that it belongs to his grandfather.

According to the friends of the woman, leakage of petrol took place inthe back of the car which resulted in the fire. There had been about20 liters of petrol in the car. But eyewitnesses give evidence thatthe fire was result of external interference, as some of the wheelswere destroyed by explosion, not by fire.

According to the Rescue service, the case is being investigated byexperts, and conclusion will be drawn days later. The police servicedoes not give any information about initiating a criminal case.

You learn about the details of the accident in today's issue of the newspaper "Ayb-Fe".

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