Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Second Flight Recorder of A-320 Armenian Liner Found

23.05.2006 16:21 GMT+04:00

The second flight recorder of A-320 Armenian liner is found. The searching group managed to lift the flight recorder aboard Navigator vessel, reports IA Regnum. Yesterday the first flight recorder was found – A-320 speech recorder, which registers the crew conversations in the cockpit. The Technical Commission of the Inter-State Aviation Committee will engage in decoding the speech recorder. It is expected to take long, as the recorder is damaged and was in an unfavorable environment.

On the night of May 3 a Yerevan-Sochi flight of Armavia airlines crashed in the Black Sea 6 km away from Adler airport killing all of 113 passengers, including 6 children and 8 members of the crew. Among them were 26 Russian citizens, one Ukrainian and one Georgian citizen, while the rest were Armenian citizens.

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