Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Did Armenian flight to Sochi really crash due to bad weather, or was it shot down?

As the black boxes are searched for of the Armenian airplane that went down in the Black Sea on May 3rd, the family and friends of the victims await to learn what the voice and flight recorders will reveal.

From what I’ve learned, there is a good chance that the flight that 113 persons perished was in fact shot down and the follow article confirms what I heard from government sources.


16.05.2006 15:57 GMT+04:00

At the moment of coming in land some passengers manages to call relatives - their cellular phones broadcast everything happening in the saloon at those tragic moments, the Zhizn newspaper writes.

"Everyone in Yerevan speak that sounds like shooting were heard before the plane fell," states journalist of the Novoye Vremya Armenian newspaper Nora Kananova.

In her words, "Allegedly former Security Service chief Karlos Petrosyan got a call late at night from his son Aram, who was aboard A-320 airbus and shots were heard. It was the moment, when the plane fell into the sea..."

Meanwhile, Zvartnots Yerevan airport security service states there were no armed people among passengers of the crashed liner. "It is ruled out. We admit only those armed people aboard, who are licensed." said airport Spokesperson Gevorg Abrahamyan. There were several people aboard the plane who had licenses for carrying arms, however the security service states they were unarmed in the saloon. Only the crew had arms.

However, in experts' opinion, relatives could take sounds of the tearing edging for shots. "There was no explosion when A-320 fell. However, overload was so powerful that the liner was torn at the last moments.

The sound is very much like shots. Most probably the relatives heard sounds of the collapsing airplane," said an expert, who investigates the causes of the air crash. "The crew would have reported about shooting aboard, however the pilots did not report about any emergency situations. Or maybe they did not have time?

However, if there was shooting, its signs would have been found on fragments of the plane, but not such are found," the Zhizn writes.

On the night of May 3 a Yerevan-Sochi plane of Armavia Armenian air company crashed in the Black Sea 6 km away from Adler airport. All 113 passengers, including 6 children and 8 members of the crew, died as a result. Among them were 26 Russian citizens, one Ukrainian and one Georgian citizen, while the rest were Armenian citizens.


The one thing that is not mentioned in the article is that the pilots body was found and he had been shot.

The mention of Aram Petrosyan’s call to his father was mentioned I’m guessing to safely tell the story of what really happened. From what I have been told, he called his father to tell him that the plane is going to turn back to Yerevan and wanted his dad to contact the plane and insist on them landing on Sochi. Apparently he was outraged and then had an altercation with the flight crew who were telling him it was too dangerous to land. That’s when Aram shot someone in the cabin and one of the bullets put a hole in the outer skin caused the cabin to depressurize and the plane to rip open.

There were also quite a few very wealthy business persons on board the flight who were well connected with people in government.

Whatever the reason was for the crash, it’s a tragedy. If the plane did go down because the spoiled son of the former head of the Armenian KGB, I’m hoping this will cause the Armenian people all over the world to finally wake up to the reality of what corruption is doing to Armenia.
Oh and was Aram able to get on board the plane with a gun? I would bet yes. If this in fact is the case, those who were suppose to check him for weapons need to be prosecuted.

I guess the real question is if the real story will get out?

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