Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A reality check for the Untied States falls on deaf ears

Our friends to the South have sent a letter to President George Bush telling the obvious, only to be stonewalled again.

I’m not sure if in the U.S. a letter that the President of Iran sent to George W. is making the news, but for those of you who have not heard, Bush received a letter that told it like it really is. I could not have said what was said any better.

From what news I’ve read, Washington is blowing the letter off as a useless document and rightfully so since in their case the truth is the last thing they want to hear in the wake of their next upcoming storm which will probably be named "operation nuclear shield."

Let’s hope for the good of the world that the American people will not allow their government to repeat what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan. There has been too many innocent people killed on all sides. Besides, Iran is not Iraq and they have Russia and China backing them, which is way more than 10 Americas can take on.

The sooner the American public wake up the better it will be for everyone.

For those interested in reading the full letter click here for a .pdf file of it.

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