Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Who was Aram Petrosyan?

Now that the flight recorders have been found from the Armenian airplane that crashed into the black sea, the question now remains if the audio recording will be decoded or not? It’s already being reporting that it was damaged.

I spoke with a visitor from America a couple days ago about the crash and when I made mention of Aram Petrosyan, they said such a thing was eventually bound to happen.

It seems our visitors were in Armenia in September of 2004 and after running into someone they knew who had visited America, they ended up in a car heading to Paplavok jazz club/café and who was driving the black Mercedes they were in? None other than Aram Pertosyan.

They said the drive from the Armenia Hotel to Paplavok was very scary. Aram was driving on the wrong side of the road, breaking every law and scaring the hell out of the visitors while driving straight into on coming traffic. It was so bad that my friend, who is a pretty bold man who does not scare very easy, to speak up and ask Aram to drive normal.

At Paplavok my friend’s wife observed how Aram was looking around in a paranoid way, eyes shifting from side to side. She described him to look as if he was almost schizophrenic in the way he acted.

My friend asked his acquaintance what was the deal with this freak, not having a clue who he was? His acquaintance told him in an almost fearful whisper to not ask such questions as this was the son of the former head of the KGB. My friend said that it was clear that Aram was a regular at Paplavok and someone "special" by the especially attentive service they were getting.

When the evening ended, my friend and his wife, who were accompanied by a couple of young women also from America, were ready to leave on foot. Aram told them that since it was after midnight, it would not be proper for the young ladies to be seen on the street, as people would not think nicely of them, implying that people would think they were prostitutes and offered to give them a ride. My friend’s wife told Aram that it was quite alright, let people think they were not such nice women and declined his offer. Anything not to get back into his car.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine who is a former investigator for the Armenian police and I asked him what he knew about Aram?

My friend confirmed what my friends from America told me in terms of Aram being schizophrenic, a kind of bomb just waiting to go off.

From everything I have read and heard up until now, this including Onnik’s recent posting which echoes many of the things I felt right after the crash, most notably the question of why Serj Sarkissian flew out to Sochi to get involved with the investigation, instead of the head of transportation, I’m leaning towards Aram playing a part in the crash and a shooting on board.

As for the possibility of the plane running out of fuel, I think this is less likely, as if they were low on fuel, from what I read, the A-320 not only has a low fuel light as do most automobiles, but they also automatically send a signal which is received by the neighboring air traffic controller to let them know that such a plane needs to be landed ASAP.

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