Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Armenia is not the only one passing out raisins

When the intellectuals of Artsakh talk about the passing out of raisins, they are usually referring to someone not worthy of an award being handed a metal of some kind for something they really are not deserving of.

Well it seems that not only the Armenians pass out raisins, but it looks like the Russians have the same tradition, or at least in this case.

The story below reports of two people who in my opinion are the least deserving of an award that is connected to Peter the Great.

The chief military prosecutor is probably getting the award of Great Victory for his great victory a couple of years back when he along with the President of Artsakh pulled off privatizing the largest hospital in Armenia for pennies. Yea, that was a great victory for him.

And the president of Mika Ltd. Mikael Baghdasarov, is only getting his Peter the Great second degree probably only because if his crappy gasoline that will ruin your car engine and probably for his privatizing a bunch of stuff in Artsakh, including the wine factory in Martuni that produces vodka that has killed more than one person and made many more very sick. Yea, that’s great stuff all right.


15.05.2006 13:13 GMT+04:00

May 16 the ceremony of handing of the orders of the all-Russian academy of defense issues will take place in the Russian Embassy in Yerevan. The orders will be handed by Russian Ambassador to Armenia Nikolay Pavlov, vice president of the academy K. Hakobyan and president of the academy Armenian branch S. Hakobyan.

Armenian Defense Minister Serge Sargsyan, Prosecutor General Aghvan Hovsepyan and Russian Ambassador to Armenia Nikolay Pavlov will be handed the order of Peter [t]he Great. First deputy to the RA Defense Minister, general staff chief, colonel general Mikael Harutyunyan will be awarded with Alexander Nevsky order while chief military prosecutor Gurgen Dakibaltyan will receive the order of Great Victory

Chairman of the permanent commission for defense, national security and home affairs Mher Shahgeldyan will receive the order of Alexander Nevsky and president of Mika Ltd. Mikael Baghdasarov will be handed the order of Peter the Great of 2nd degree.

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