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18-06-2007 11:46:21

We solved the problem by military actions, but we had to go on to settle these territories, said Vahram Gevorgyan, chair of the Promised Land NGO set up in 2000. Because it was not done, the territories became an object of trade, and now their return has become an issue.

The organization implements projects for the settlement of the liberated territories from 2001.

"We have just realized that these territories must be settled. If we had managed to launch settlement with assistance from the Armenians worldwide, the issue of territories would not be under negotiation, and Azerbaijan would not claim to these territories."

The leadership and the political forces, which are now speaking about the necessity of settlement of these territories, either have finally realized its necessity or are making statements for the sake of statements, Vahram Gevorgyan said.

He thinks first the strategic regions should be settled, which the government failed to do. Vahram Gevorgyan is sure that the Diaspora is interested in the settlement of these territories. "We just need a corresponding government policy, and our foreign sponsors will be ready to back this policy."

"Unfortunately, resettlement today is perceived as building houses, meanwhile, it is part of a national strategy, which requires focus and substantial efforts," Vahram Gevorgyan said.

Is the unrecognized state an obstacle to investments from the Diaspora? In answer to this question, Vahram Gevorgyan said although it caused to cancel one of the projects, it cannot be an obstacle.

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