Friday, June 29, 2007

'L.A. Times' M.E. Frantz Quits Suddenly, Without Explanation

By Joe Strupp

Published: June 28, 2007 3:06 PM ET

Los Angeles Times Managing Editor Doug Frantz has quit the paper, the newspaper announced today. In a short Web story, the paper revealed that Frantz, a former New York Times staffer, would leave July 6 after 20 months on the job.

"I felt like I had done as much as I could in this job," Frantz said in the story, which noted that he did not have another position lined up, "but he would like to return to being a reporter."

"My true love is reporting and writing," he added in the report, which offered no explanation for his sudden departure. "This is a great newspaper filled with great people ... I'm sure it will continue to pursue excellence in journalism. I'm sorry I won't be around."

In the Times' report, Editor James O'Shea described Frantz as "a solid leader, guiding the editorial department through some troubled and rugged days. He is an extraordinary journalist and a dedicated editor who cares deeply about the newspaper and the staff."

Frantz gained notice in recent months for a public dispute with former Times staffer Mark Arax over Frantz's decision not to publish a story by Arax on Armenian genocide. Frantz, according to The Fresno (Calif.) Bee, reportedly had withheld the story after determining Arax had taken a position on the issue. Arax claimed discrimination and left the paper earlier this month after reaching an undisclosed settlement with the Times.

Joe Strupp ( is a senior editor at E&P.

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