Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Stepan Sargsyan

12-06-2007 18:05:12

On June 12, 1993 Monte Melkonian was killed during an operation to destroy the military strongholds in the villages of the Aghdam region. Countless more Monte Melkonyans died while liberating Lower Karabakh. Yet those who have entrusted with the job of the security and development of our country declare shamelessly their intention to easily give up what was attained with so mush sacrifice. Those who silently stand next to such declarations and do not utter a single word in opposition are equally guilty of such betrayal as those who loudly promote the return of Lower Karabakh. The memory and sacrifice of our heroes is not respected by merely organizing and attending pompous ceremonies, giving elaborate speeches and laying flowers at the feet of their statues. The true respect is the completion of the job they started, holding on to the land which they liberated and settle it. Yet the current NKR officials have even failed to clearly and openly state that they oppose the return of Lower Karabakh, the territory without which NKR cannot be a viable state and ensure the safety of its citizens even if it's recognized by the international community. Shame on those who want to give away our motherland and annul the sacrifice of Monte, shame on those who want to desecrate the memory of Monte!

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