Tuesday, June 12, 2007


12-06-2007 15:50:30

On June 12 the Hayeli Club hosted Kiro Manoyan, who is in charge of the Office of Hay Dat and Political Affairs of the ARF Bureau, and the former prime minister of Armenia Hrant Bagratyan, to discuss issues related to the Karabakh conflict. The media reported that the presidential candidate Bako Sahakyan is not eligible because he did not reside in Karabakh permanently over the past ten years. Our reporter inquired from the spokesmen what the consequences of registration of an ineligible candidate in Karabakh will be.

The ARF Dashnaktsutyun supports Bako Sahakyan. The representative of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun Kiro Manoyan declined to comment on the laws of Karabakh, but asked: "What did this man do in Moscow? For whom did he work?" We reminded Kiro Manoyan that Bako Sahakyan used to be the representative of the National Security of Armenia, not Karabakh, to the capital of Russia.

"So is it illegal to live in Armenia to run in the presidential election in Karabakh?" Kiro Manoyan asked. Hrant Bagratyan thinks there is a problem. "People from Karabakh can do anything they want, whereas we cannot." Hrant Bagratyan says the provision on permanent residency was set down in the Constitution but not in the legislation, and if the issue is reported to the Constitutional Court, the "Constitutional Court will make a decision depending on whom it wants to please."

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