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12-06-2007 16:07:34

The leadership of Armenia does not approve the urge of the president of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Arkady Ghukasyan to impose Bako Sahakyan on the society of Nagorno-Karabakh, stated Igor Muradyan, political scientist, at the National Press Club on June 12. He says the candidates are two, the candidate of the government Sahakyan and the NKR deputy foreign minister Masis Mayilyan named by a civil initiative, who differs from the government by his determined stance, especially regarding the present borders of NKR.

Muradyan says the NKR president Arkady Ghukasyan is nervous, and it is not clear why because the previous elections in NKR were also competitive.

"For the first time in the history of NKR one of the candidates has a rather determined stance and is not controlled by the government," says Igor Muradyan, pointing to it as the first cause for Arkady Ghukasyan's nervousness. The second reason, he says, is the protest nature of the voting to president. "Nothing of the kind was observed in the previous presidential elections. There was something similar in the parliamentary elections but not in the presidential elections. It also makes him nervous.

But this is not all. The most unpleasant thing is that this election is crucial for the future of the acting president," Igor Muradyan says. He says Ghukasyan hopes to continue his career, but before he leaves he wants to make sure someone will remain in Stepanakert who will be fully controllable.

"Ghukasyan makes a double mistake. First, whoever is elected will not obey Arkady Ghukasyan all the time. It is already a mistake. It's just an assumption, but he must leave in a dignified way, the way he perceives a dignified way. And if this campaign smells defiance, indecency, administrative terror, his future will not be good," Igor Muradyan says, adding that all these things make Arkady Ghukasyan

Igor Muradyan says in order to promote his plan Arkady Ghukasyan has launched information terror in Karabakh, when all the media, Igor Muradyan refers to most of them as Ghukasyan's tabloids, are busy with illogical advertisement of the government candidate. Administrative terror is underway as well, and now Arkady Ghukasyan himself meets with officials and instructs them to support Sahakyan, otherwise they will be sacked. Some have been dismissed already. "In addition, they circulate lies that Robert Kocharyan endorses Bako Sahakyan. Now they are spreading other rumors, they say Kocharyan does not make decisions, and Serge Sargsyan makes decisions now. The idea is instilled in the society that the election has already taken place, and there is no need to go to the polling station. They are trying to instill in people that the Armenian government is interested in this issue, it is directly involved in these affairs, and will encourage any violation. I do not want to support anyone, neither does the Armenian government, but frankly speaking it is a lie. This person is in hysteria, and wants to get over this state by all means," Igor Muradyan says about Arkady Ghukasyan. He says in the beginning Robert Kocharyan was against Bako Sahakyan's nomination. "He was cornered, the person could not say he could not be named. He only said let him be elected, he did not say the police, the army should support him. He never said this. It is impossible because the person's relation with someone is quite different. You see?" Igor Muradyan says. He says Arkady Ghukasyan broke down because Armenia does not support him.

"Why not? Because they like or dislike him? No. It makes no different, he is hopeless. The person was outside Armenia for half of the year, at least half of the year. In Dubai, elsewhere. He is fond of traveling. He is fond of being away from home. The parliament of Karabakh decided to provide him with a house and a car, OK, but it also decided to pay two trips. Is there a similar thing in any other country of the world? Even in Latin America. In addition, he is fond of traveling on others' expense," Igor Muradyan says.

The political scientist expects interest, public reaction, dialogue from Armenia towards the process underway in Karabakh, which he thinks is absent.

Igor Muradyan also says Arkady Ghukasyan tries his best to hinder the presidential candidate Masis Mayilyan, but he will fail because there are people with a civil thinking and standpoint in the government.

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