Thursday, June 28, 2007


[07:03 pm] 26 June, 2007

"Levon Gulyan was murdered in the police station", announced Mikael Danielyan, the Chairman of the Helsinki Association. He stated that although our authorities signed the document, but nothing was done to prevent violations and their number was increasing.

Jemma Gulyan, widow of Levon Gulyan, noted that human rights were violated, a person was murdered and they did not know who was to account for that and no one was to blame for that. The Prosecutor's Office promised to carry out transparent investigation, however nothing was done.

Ruben Martirosyan, expert of the Helsinki Association, said that the photos of Gulyan's corpse prove that he was tortured and then only thrown out of the window "since they understood that he was already dead".

He has not seen such tortured body before and 20 minutes before the incident Gulyan got serious traumas, hemorrhages on his body prove that. An official investigation was implemented. According to it, at 15.20 he tried to escape, however, a call was received in the Prosecutor's Office that at 14.30 Gulyan was already dead.

The widow of Levon Gulyan mentioned that they did not have the translation of international experts' opinion and they would be released after the translation.

According to her, the experts were not impartial. They were provided only the observations of the Prosecutor's Office.

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