Friday, July 27, 2007

According to Jewish writings, Armenians are Amalekites

I received some feedback after my posting on the Doenmeh Jews of Turkey.

It seems that there is quite a bit of information out on the internet about this subject, the most interesting is a site called

For those of you interested in better understanding a possible motive the Young Turks had to exterminate the Armenians, you want to visit this site.

The site has a very interesting and enlightening document that if accurate (I have not checked the sources cited yet), makes me understand better what I’ve been hearing for most of my life of the Jewish connection to the Armenian Genocide.

If the document is accurate, then the Armenians are known to religiously educated Jews as the Amalekites, which they believe must be exterminated (see page 169).

According to one of the interviews on the site, it was Jews that convinced Sultan Hamid that the Armenians were a threat to Turkey and must be exterminated. Later on the Jews in the form of Talaat and company expelled the Sultan and tried to finish off what was started in 1895.

Of course this really changes nothing in terms of Turkey’s responsibility for the Genocide, but it should serve as a wake-up call to all of us that until the Jews come to terms with their long hatred towards the Amalekites, who they believe are the Armenians, we have to be very careful of what they are doing in Armenia and how they are supporting our enemies.

Just to remind you all that when the war in Artsakh was still going strong and there was an arms embargo in place against Armenia and Azerbaijan, according to the London-based Arabic-language weekly al-Wassat, both Turkey and Israel supplied Stinger missiles to Azerbaijani troops during the war.

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