Monday, July 16, 2007

US deploys intelligence facility in Armenia to spy on Iran

by APA

Bay Area Indymedia, CA
Saturday Jul 14th, 2007 10:56 AM

The US Global Gold Corporation (GGC) will complete the gold exploration in Arevis village of Sisyan region, Armenia by the end of 2007, APA reports quoting Armenian press. The gold deposit is situated on the border with Nakhchivan province of Azerbaijan.

Henrich Mkrtchyan, general geologist of GGC office in Armenia said the Corporation that operates in close cooperation with Armenian defense ministry has invested $2.2 million in `Marjan' deposit which is 3000 meters above the sea level.

Unnamed source in Armenian environmental protection ministry said it is not informed of the Corporation's activity as it is not allowed for that.

Armenian defense ministry sources said the American company is working for the Pentagon and fulfilling errands on Iran in the territory. Chairman and CEO is Armenian Van Krikorian, president on operational works Michael T.Mason and vice-president Hrayr Agnerian.

Local residents say the GGC supports the restoration of the infrastructure of Arevis village which is compose dof 24 houses. They say there are also some English-speaking military-like persons besides geologists, who are installing unknown big facility in the territory.

Armenian-born American analyst Richard Kirakosyan has recently announced that Washington and Moscow has reached an agreement on Serj Sarkisyan's presidency after Robert Kocharian. Armenia is reported to have undertaken certain commitment on providing opportunity for the Us to use its territory against Iran. /APA/

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