Friday, July 20, 2007


Lragir, Armenia
July 19 2007

NKR President Arkady Ghukasyan believes that the political forces must honor the choice of people. In speaking about the complaints regarding the voting, Arkady Ghukasyan agreed there are complaints but he does not think they all are grounded. These must be checked, there is an authorized body which will attend to it but it will not influence the democratic image of the country, Ghukasyan thinks. He regrets to say that black PR has penetrated from Armenia to Karabakh.

According to Arkady Ghukasyan, the statements that there was pressure from the security agencies are not true either. "When people see they will be defeated, they start inventing tales."

The reporters asked the president to comment on the opinion of the Armenian pollster Aaron Adibekyan who said Bako Sahakyan is "daddy", Masis Mayilyan is "glamour", and that in Karabakh they prefer a "daddy". Personally I am not acquainted with Mr. Adibekyan, and for me it is difficult to comment. I think it is an insult for the people of Karabakh. As to Igor Muradyan, he is a sick person. Certainly, he has made a great contribution to the nation. But such statements regarding this country are immoral," Arkady Ghukasyan said.

Arkady Ghukasyan thinks his statement on endorsing Bako Sahakyan will influence the people for whom Arkady Ghukasyan is an authority. The others will not. At the same time, Arkady Ghukasyan said if usually the political forces are first elected then form a coalition, in Karabakh it is the contrary, the political forces have united before the election. "I think it is determined by the personality of Bako Sahakyan. As well as the peculiarities of Karabakh. We are at war, and we must mobilize people for the solution of these problems."

According to Arkady Ghukasyan, the union of forces endorsing Bako Sahakyan is not artificial. Arkady Ghukasyan said opposition forces also united for Bako Sahakyan. "The opposition is perceived to be resentful. The opposition are the people whom we dismissed at one time because they do not deserve these posts. This is called opposition. But I think the opposition must have an idea, and in that case the classic formula will work," Ghukasyan said.

Arkady Ghukasyan said he leaves with the feeling that he fulfilled his duty, and is hopeful that the new president will rule the country better than him.

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