Thursday, July 26, 2007

The apple does not fall to far from the treee...


Lragir, Armenia
July 25 2007

The office of the district attorney of Malatia-Sebastia community is preparing materials concerning a recent violent incident involving the son of General Manvel Grigoryan, deputy minister of defense. The media reported a few days ago that General Manvel's son and his friend beat Carlen Armen Galstyan, 33, inspector of the State Rescue Service of Armenia, at the VIP lounge of Zvartnots Airport because they disliked the way how Carlen Galstyan glanced at General Manvel's daughter-in-law, Karen Grigoryan's wife.

"C. Galstyan's explanations and excuses were pointless. Perhaps he did not know who he dealt with. Karen Grigoryan and his friends first shouted abuse, then they started beating him until he fainted. In addition, along with the "educational lynching" the brigade of beaters took C. Galstyan's watch, wallet and the keys of his car. We have learned that the police were afraid of interfering and preventing this incident, although it lasted rather long. We have learned that after the incident General Manvel's son and his friends drove away in the Mercedes car of their victim," the Aravot Daily reported on July 24.

The reporters asked about the actions of the office of prosecutor general regarding this incident in a briefing of the prosecutor general and his deputies on July 25. "The prosecutor general instructed the prosecutor of Malatia community for oversight of revelation of all the circumstances of the case. The investigation has lasted for two or three days, and if you make additional requests, we will respond through our press secretary," said Mnatsakan Sargsyan, Assistant Prosecutor General.

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