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This contender for president of Artsakh will not win, thus he will use the next 10 days to speak in public to say what needs to really be done and at the same time knows it will not happen since he knows good and well that he will not be elected. Yes, pensions and minimum salary must go up, but we all know there is very little chance it will with the president that does win since to make this happen, those in control of our economic resources must be put on trial and I don't see this happening anytime soon. The plan being presented by professor Avanesyan really is big talk since he knows he will not have to make good on what he is saying. The only good from all this talk is maybe some people will start to think about working towards professor Avanesyan's goals.

2007-07-06 12:46:00

The election campaign of presidential contenders in Nagorno Karabakh goes on.

As ArmInfo's special correspondent in Stepanakert reports, the presidential contender, professor of the Artsakh State University Vanyan Avanesyan reminded the voters of the basic provisions of his election programme. "Establishment of justice, fight against the official abuse, corruption and bribery. The Law must work equally for all.

The complaints and applications of citizens should be considered quickly and responded. The guilty must be brought to trial", the candidate said. He said that the minimum pension should be raised from 10-15 thsd drams to 40-50 thsd drams, and the lowest salary - from 20,000 drams to 50-60 thsd drams started January 1. In case V. Avanesyan is elected the president, provision of the population with housing will be in the center of his attention.

To recall, the stage of the election campaign of the presidential contenders in NKR will last till July 17, the participants in which are Vanya Avanesyan, Armen Abgaryan, Masis Mailyan, Hrant Melkumyan and Baki Sahakyan. All the contenders, except the Karabakh communists' leader, have been nominated on the basis of civil initiative.

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