Monday, July 23, 2007

I’m sorry things have got to this level…

Though I don’t really want to escalate things between Raffi and I, it seems that Raffi is very interested in doing just this. It appears that on July 13th, he has created a new blog titled “BEST OF ARA MANOOGIAN”

The first entry reads:

Friday, July 13, 2007


This is a new blog about Ara Manoogian, inspired of course by his blog about me. I will post some of his choicest writings here for all to enjoy - and unlike him, I won't pretend I have nothing to do with this fan site...

So sit back, put on your reading glasses, and remember, reality can be much sicker than fiction, so don't let the kids read this! (and for that matter, you may want to keep your kids away from Ara in case his second marriage does not work out)


The posting and labels tell me that Raffi is far from finishing this conflict we have. From the recent google search, it seems that he is also working hard to make sure that his sites about me dominate the top 10 hits.

I guess we have to ask why he is investing so much of his time on trying to soil my name and by doing so sacrificing the legitimacy of his own sites? He has so much hate towards me, a level beyond that of anyone I know. I don’t think the intensity of his hate towards me is normal, nor does it correspond to his claims of why he is doing what he is doing. There has to be more to this and though I think I know what it is, it’s not my fault that things in his personal life changed soon after I was asked to no longer write on He made his bed and has to sleep in it alone.

Anyway, this latest public site of his with “freak, pervert, psycho, sicko and keep your kids away from Ara,” is a clear cut case of slander and defamation of character.

I would like to just ignore this issue, but can’t since in the future it could be misinterpreted, thus I have to put an end to this now.

I want to apologize to all those I said I would not get involved in this issue, but if we end up in court, you may be called in as witnesses. I only am thinking court right now as I honestly don’t see it ending without Raffi hearing it from a judge that things must stop and the misleading information and lies must be removed from the internet.

I know the energy, time and money involved in legal actions, but from the time I’ve so far invested and the time I will have to invest in the future to put and end to this issue without legal actions may cost me less in the long run if I just let a judge put an end to it all now.

I’m sure if I sue Raffi he will counter-sue me for all the things I’ve documented about him, which I am ready to present evidence and witnesses to verify the accuracy of my claims in a court of law.

BTW, I will not be approving any of the comments on this posting since this issue is a violation of the law in the country where the sites are hosted and not an issue that needs to be debated. I have until July 12, 2008 to exercise my legal right.

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