Saturday, June 07, 2003

Ara Manoogian wrote at 11:22 PM:
No internet connection for a few days now, but it seems that this problem may soon be resolved. The answer is satellite via Karabagh Telecom commitment to IT in Artsakh. I hope in the next 3 days I will have an answer as to when I will be connected to a high-speed connection.

One of our readers Hagop B. (Lena logged about him dropping into her office for lunch) is now here in Martuni!!!

Hagop is an incredibly talented guy who is also very patriotic and is thinking about staying in Armenia or Artsakh for an extended period of time to help with a little bit of nation building.

Hagop is now working on business plans for all my ventures so we can not only see where we will be going in the future, but also to use to just maybe attract investors where needed.

Tonight Hagop and I went to the mayor's house for dinner and had quite a nice time talking about the city of Martuni's future and what role we plan on being in said future.

Anyway it looks like the rainy season is almost over and the weather right now is great!!!

Sorry to make this log short, but it's been quite a log day and since there has been no connection for the last few days, there is a lot of catching up for us both to do with the 7,200bps connection.

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