Tuesday, June 03, 2003

I mentioned in my April 5th log, my feeling that Iran would be America�s next target. Well it really looks like America is stupid and desperate enough to engage Iran in some kind of conflict in the name if �war against terror�. I guess they are figuring that Iranian's are the same as Iraqi's.

Here is my next prediction.

If America does try to invade Iran, Russia, Armenia, India and China will support Iran.

America will try to use Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia as bases to launch their attacks, which will put those countries that do agree to play along with America on the s-list of Iran and the Islamic nations that don't support America.

At that time world war 3 will have truly started and who knows how it will all end, but all I can say is start stocking up on food, water and fresh batteries for you radio, as America is going to be an even bigger target to retaliatory strikes for the havoc and war it started in the middle-east and the common people will be the ones most effected.

So what is America�s plan and long term goals?

Taking into consideration that America now has an administrative staff of OIL TYCOONS who know how to make money via OIL, then you will understand that one major reason for this war is OIL!!!

Let�s now take a look at what is found in the region that America has been invading since said administration has been in power? OIL!!!

I�m not going to write about the obvious, but will write about how this conflict relates to the Armenian nation.

If you take a look at the map and take into consideration that there are about 20 million ethnic-Azerbaijanis living in North-Iran (Azeris call it Southern-Azerbaijan), and by having control of said territory, Azerbaijan and Turkey would connect. At that time, Armenia would be effectively blockaded from 3 sides and would be dependent on the very unstable Georgia for ground transportation. At present about 90% of all ground transportable goods come into Armenia via Iran.

What will happen is going to be up to all of us.

In the Diaspora, it is going to be of the utmost importance to protest, demand and make sure that you all do what you can to prevent that mad-man George Bush and his administration of money hungry oil tycoons from starting any war with Iran.

On the Armenia side I won�t comment too much, but will hope that Armenia does the right thing and stand by Iran to do all it can to prevent this war from happening. But if the war does start, make sure they do what they can so America gets pounded and run out of the region once and for all.

Like I said in my April 5th log, what we are possibly facing is the start or maybe the continuation of world war 3.

BTW, I�ve really not had the time to follow the news, but did the U.S. ever locate those weapons of mass-destruction that were suppose to be in Iraq and their justification for attacking in the first place?

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