Sunday, June 01, 2003

I�m back from Khash at Souren�s house. I only drank one shot of vodka.

I�m really not sure why we had Khash at night, since as a rule, you eat Khash in the morning before sunrise.

So back to my visit with my friends from California and the Mesrob Machtots U administrative staff.

It�s always enjoyable for me to have intellectual conversations with people who work in the field of education.

We talked about their new campus and I made some suggestions as to selecting their site. They listened and though at first I guess I didn�t articulate myself well, as my feeling of a site that was detached from the city on a hilltop with no paved road was not such a good idea, was initially criticized by the director, but later on my explaining the costs and disadvantages to such a site and her getting to know me better, yielded her approval and they are now considering a smaller more central site that was not offered to them by the Prime Minister, but they are now going to meet with him or the President about securing that site.

Since some of the project solicitation materials will be aimed to the Diaspora for support, I have been asked to write something to be added in that material in support in my words of what a difference the Diaspora can make to education by helping and so on. I�ll have to think over what I can write in the next few weeks.

On top of this, it looks like I will be taking an active role in the supervision of the construction to make sure that things are done properly and the money is maximized.

During our talk about the possible war in Iran and its effects on us, one of the professors told me to note in my journal that he predicts that one day the Turks will accept the fact that the 1915 genocide happened and as part of restitution will give us some land back which will give us a port on the black sea.

I looked to him and said that apparently he didn�t understand who the Turks are and as a rule of land, even if someone takes land unfairly, they never give it back. The only way we can get any of Western-Armenia back is by getting recognition of the genocide and then at that time take it back by force while the rest of the world watches with approval.

He continued to try to convince me that we will get land back the way he said and another professor turned to him out of discuss and asked what fairytale he is trying to telling to me? He said that �you don�t know the Turks since you have never lived with them as I have in Baku.�

One last thing I will say about today was my friend�s wife who when we sat for tea, on the table they had glasses of water and glasses of vodka. The glasses were not so different in size and at one point, my friend�s wife drank from a glass she thought was water but in fact was vodka.

Realizing her mistake, she proclaimed that this place was dangerous as there is vodka everywhere and it�s hard to tell the difference between it and the water.

Well it�s getting late. I still have some housecleaning and laundry to do so I better get going.

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