Thursday, June 19, 2003

I was reading tonight about �Bush Will Not Tolerate Iran Nuclear Arms�.

"Iran would be dangerous if it had a nuclear weapon," Bush stated.

Well it seems that we should be thinking more about America as it is kind of dangerous to the stability of the entire world. America�s history seems to tell me that the entire world should demand from America to dissolve its weapons of mass destruction. These weapons include such things as the IMF and World Bank.

For those of you that don�t agree with what I�ve stated above, maybe it�s time that you reevaluate your life and whose misfortune your good-fortune was built on, as one day the time will come where all debts and loans must be paid up with interest.

As for life in Armenia, the weather is a little hot in the day and really pleasant at night.

I guess I�ll be in Yerevan for a few more days and then it back home to my air-conditioned house, a place I can escape the real heat that is on its way.

Oh a big-old shout-out to our reader at the US Department of Justice!!! I�ve got a few questions about US justice that maybe you can answer for me, though I�m not sure which section you work in so why don�t you write to me with your e-mail address and then I can forward you my questions.

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