Sunday, June 01, 2003

I just got home from Amaras Monastery. I went there with a friend and his family who are from California.

My friend has come Artsakh to lay the groundwork for the building of a new campus for the Mesrob Machtots University in Stepanagert.

With my friend and his family were the administrative staff and some facility members of Mesrob Machtots U.

As I had mentioned, it rained very hard last night and the yield from that rain where some very muddy roads, which their van driver skillfully was able to pass without getting us stuck. It really was very impressive even for me.

So after touring the monastery, we had a khorovads feast, which of course when a friend from so far away visits, you can�t no drink. My drink was wild-burry vodka and after 5 shots, I was still surprisingly sober, though I know it was quite strong since it seemed to have quite an effect on my friend and his family. I guess my system has built a good resistance to alcohol.

I guess this log will have to continue a little bit later since I was just invited to Souren�s house for Khash which now means I can really test my tolerance to alcohol since Khash without vodka is�

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