Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Well the pictures just got back from the �lab� of the trip Hagop and I took out to my lake on Sunday.

Hagop agreed that one could go to this place and forget all of ones troubles.

We walked around the whole lake and talked about life here.

One of my guards Grisha joined us and talked with Hagop about fishing and how he�s not allowed to let people fish until September 1st. Hagop was obviously disappointed, but I think understood the importance of a balanced eco system.

The fish are now multiplying and the baby fish are covering the entire surface of the lake, that is resulting in this incredible show of life which is reflecting the suns rays.

We went to my half built datcha, sat and just took in the nature that was all around us.

Though we didn�t want to leave, the sun was coming down.

Hagop decided that this little bit of paradise that is off the beaten path, I should not horde myself and suggested that I build a resort around the lake for those people who are sick of the hustle and bustle of the Western lifestyle in need of a

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