Saturday, June 21, 2003

Well it looks like once again Armenia's infrastructure is being destroyed by its "elected" officials!!!

The picture you are viewing is of Bagramyan Street, were as you read this they are ripping up the trolley rails and taking down the cable that provided electricity to the trolley cars.

As I mentioned in my last log, the smog here in Yerevan is really bad and my eyes and lungs are crying out for clean air, but there is none to be found.

So what is all this demolition to the electrical transportation system all about?

Well they say that the electrical transportation system is loosing money and people are not interested in sitting on an old trolley car.

So instead of promoting electrical transportation and bringing in some newer trolleys from Germany, it is more profitable to rip up the rail, sell it to the Iranian's and make people depended on petroleum based fuel.

And why is all this more profitable? Well, since the Minister of Defense, Serg Sarkissian and the President Robert Kocharian and their friends monopolize such fuel in this country, then it's clearly the most profitable for THEM.

So what effect does all this have on the rest of us? Well you can start by visiting the following sites to read about the effect of smog:

If you noticed the mention of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) you should understand that thanks to the fuel Mafia's attempt to boost the octane in their fuel, which "regular" gasoline is regular gasoline mixed with 20% diesel fuel, the additive they are using increases the output of poisonous NOx gas into the environment that we are all ingesting. Thanks Serg, Robert and friends!!!

So for those that are living in Yerevan and wondering what the unexplainable headaches and so on is all about, now you know.

What can we do about this? Well I think that the environmental activism group that Madlene started should take the bull(s) by the horns and get the people to protest this real injustice that is being perpetrated against all of us.

How about a stay home and/or don't use transportation that uses non-Eco-friendly fuel week in Armenia? That would really get the fuel Mafia's attention and maybe international attention.

I would like to add that Serg and Robert as the "leaders" of Armenia today are making some very big mistakes and only thinking about their personal wealth. If they don't watch out, they are going to get themselves on someone's bad side and when that happens, then we all are going to feel some very negative effects which will have a ripple-down effect to all Armenians around the world.

And I would also like to share with you this message from the President of Azerbaijan to Robert and Serg that the KGB intercepted last week:

Dear Comrades:

Keep up the good work in continuing what our country started and was unable to complete. Your national hero metals await you when you come to visit with me next time in Washington.

Gratefully yours,


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