Sunday, December 26, 2004

Dodi vs Gurzo

A couple of weeks ago at a restaurant that that belongs to a friend of Dodi Gago, the famous and well respected Armenian singer Suzan Markaryan and her daughter Sirusho were dining.

While they were enjoying their meal, a bodyguard of Gurzo’s walked up to Sirusho, complimented her good looks and suggested that they put some music on so he could dance with her.

The bodyguard was defiantly out of line (and I think drunk), as to suggest such a thing is practically implying that Sirusho is a prostitute, which Sirusho is definitely not and in fact her mother makes sure her daughter does not dress in a way that could ever imply such a thing to a normal person (unlike many girls who dress, but are not prostitutes). I guess if you’re a bodyguard for Gurzo, there can’t really be anything normal about you.

The owner of the restaurant intervened and asked the bodyguard what the problem was? The bodyguard asked him who he was, to which he identified himself as the owner. The bodyguard made some additional inappropriate remarks, to which the own struck the bodyguard and put an end to the confrontation. The bodyguard left and everything seemed to have ended.

A little while passed and the bodyguard returned to the restaurant with a bunch of his fellow bodyguards (numbering 30). The owner got on the phone and called Dodi Gago’s bodyguards (numbering 5), who intervened. A fight broke out and someone pulled a knife, stabbing someone. The police were called in and when they discovered that a knife was used and someone was injured, by law they would have to close the restaurant down to conduct an investigation, but since someone at the police station was friends with the restaurant owner, they allowed the restaurant to continue to operate while they sorted out things.

What happened in the end, we are not sure of, but ever since the incident took place, the restaurant and owner were investigated and the owner has not been around since.

As for what is suppose to happen to the out of line bodyguard, since Sirusho is President Robert Kocharian’s son’s girlfriend/fiancé, according to my fiance, the son has to arrange to have the bodyguard killed, since Robert’s son is not from America, but from Karabagh and what the bodyguard did was equivalent of calling his fiancé a prostitute, which to do that to Karbaghsti bride is the equivalent to a death sentence. Thank goodness I was born in America, or else there would be quite a few dead people today.

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