Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I have been so busy that I didn’t get around to logging about my meeting with Magnum.

On the 13th, I went to Stepanagert for a meeting and also to attend a birthday party for Lavrent’s son who turned 4 years old.

After making a couple of phone calls, I spoke to Magnum, who agreed to meet me at a café near the amusement park. Lavrent was with me and spoke to Magnum for directions.

We arrived at the café, which was just below the Konica store near the Shahumyan statue which is just below the Prime Minister’s building.

Magnum who was I would guess 20 years old, was waiting for us on the street with 5 of his big and burly friends, who were obviously there to intimidate.

We went into the café and I asked the boys if they were interested in a cup of tea? They said yes, we will drink and reciprocated my offer with the same offer.

Among Magnum’s friends was Shushi Vacho’s son, who Lavrent knew. The café belonged to Shushi Vacho. For those that have been to Stepanagert, there is a good chance that you have visited this café. It’s the one which the windows are aquariums filled with exotic fish. And for those that don’t know who Shushi Vacho is (which I’m sure this is almost everyone), he was the commander of the Shushi forces once upon a time.

Magnum admitted that it was he who called me on the phone 4 days earlier, but denied even having the chat account 2 weeks before when the inappropriate comments had been made. From the way he told us, it was clear that he was lying, but if the guy denied it, what were we to do? Even if he had admitted it, what were we going to do?

We made it very clear to Magnum, who by this time was uncomfortable with this meeting, that from this point on, if such behavior was observed coming from him in the future, I would not be paying him a visit and he would be dealing directly with Lavrent.

When we left the meeting, Lavrent pointed out that it was clear that Magnum was lying and that his friends, especially Shushi Vacho’s son completely understood what had happened and would surly set Magnum straight.

Was my fiancé happy with the results? No, of course not. She felt that Lavrent and I were not manly enough and should have at least hit Magnum a few times to really get the message across. My fiancé’s twin sister said that the only one who was not manly was Magnum, who if he was a man, would have taken credit for what he way and not worm his way out.

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