Saturday, December 11, 2004

When I spoke to my fiancé his morning, I told her about my Magnum experience in Stepanagert yesterday.

She was not impressed and felt that Magnum would be ready to lie to me, now that he knows why I want to meet with him.

She said that I did this whole thing wrong and what I was suppose to do was meet with him and at that time “teach him some manors” so he would understand that what he did was not right. She said that’s how a Karabagh man deals with such issues.

I told her that it’s not my style to beat up people and break their teeth and hospitalize them so they understand that what they did was wrong, though Lavrent was ready to rip the guy in half if I gave him the order.

I said that it’s my style to push the guy to break his own teeth and hang himself if need be, which is a much greater punishment. I said that when I find Magnum, he will go public as to who he is and apologize to everyone, or else I will post his information and picture in the chat room and those that have a bone to pick with him and settle their scores individually.

My fiancé said that there is no way that Magnum will publicly apologize, as that is not something a dugha mart (boy-man) from Karabagh would ever do and there is no way I would get Magnum to agree to such a thing and this is not America.

I reminded her of an incident that took place 6 years ago when I had to defend her and her sisters honor when they felt violated by a broadcast the Artsakh television station had.

It was back in 1998 and I had discussed with their mother of the possibility of producing a CD of her husband’s songs that he recorded for the Artsakh movement (he was a well known singer in Azerbaijan).

I said that for the CD, I would like to include a song that was written about her husband after his death and have it sung by his daughters.

In search of a recording studio, I was told to call the television station. I called and spoke to a producer who told me that they could do the recording for 30,000 dram ($60), plus we would have to provide them with a couple of BetaCam tapes.

We had our recording session which was quite difficult, as the producer kept stopping the filming because of lighting problems and so on. The girls got quite frustrated at one point and wanted to go home. I was telling the producer that I don’t care about lighting, but am interested in sound.

We finished the recording and the producer told me that they were having a singing competition going and she would like to include our video in it. I asked the kids what they thought and they said no, this is a very personal thing for us and we did not do this to compete for prizes. I made it very clear to the producer that under no circumstances are they allowed to use the video in their competition.

A month passed and as I was getting ready to leave for Yerevan, my fiancés older sister came to me quite angry and said that it is my fault that they were publicly embarrassed as their video was on television and people are already talking about how they are trying to profit from the death of their father. She said it in a way as if I had betrayed her trust and it was my fault this had happened. I was furious and called the station, but at that time, the phones were so bad that I could not contact them.

I got an early start the next day to leave for Yerevan, with intentions of stopping to resolve this issue and defend the honor of these children who I was the big brother figure in their lives, the one that is responsible to make sure their rights are not violated.

I arrived to the station to find the producer in the studio working on recording something. I called her out. She had a big smile of her face and asked me if I liked the broadcast? I told her in a very nasty tone that I didn’t see the broadcast, but who gave her permission to broadcast it. Had she forgotten that we didn’t want it broadcasted?

She became defensive and from my loud stern tone, we were joined by her director, who took the stance that they were right by broadcasting it and that there was nothing I could do about it now, it is done and over with.

I told them that it’s obvious that they have no common sense and that they are playing with the emotions of children who have already lost their father to the defense of the country and now they are in the process of loosing their good name to the gossip of them trying to profit off of their father’s memory.

I demanded to talk to the head of the station, to which they told me they were the head of the station and there is nothing I can do.

At this point, I was really pissed off and told the producer that she will soon be nothing more than a cleaning lady and to the director I said that he will see how much I can do.

I drove up to the Prime Minister’s office and in those days, I had a very good relationship with the PM to where I could drop in without an appointment.

I told the PM what happened and who the children that were involved were.

He got on the phone with the director of the station, told him that he is sending me to down there now and to straighten out this mess immediately.

I returned to the television station to meet with the director, who were not the people I had been arguing with. After telling him all the details, he called the producer to his office. In walked the producer with her eyes looking to the floor.

She admitted that we had told her not to broadcast our video and that what she did was wrong. She agreed to my demand that a public apology be broadcasted at the beginning of the next few programs they have and I must approve the text.

Anyway, that was the second time I had to defend my fiancés honor and thought that I got satisfactory results (the first when I got into a fist-fight with a guy who made inappropriate comments and then grabbed her on June 10, 1997, that in the end landed him in jail, which I logged about last year).

As for Magnum, I know I’m going to get some very interesting results. If I have analyzed my information correctly, there is a very good chance that this is not going to be an contest of who is physically more endowed (though my driver and Lavrent will balance that out if need be), but who is more convincing of what is right and that Magnum does the right thing.

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