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11 Dec 04

All Armenian Movement Gets Separated Again

First RA president Levon Ter-Petrosian joined the 14th Congress of the All-Armenian Movement five minutes late. His entrance to the sittings’ hall of the government aroused the obvious excitement of the participants. It seemed tome that Ter-Petrosian's delay was artificially staged. On the other hand, it seemed that AAM exists for the only hope of Ter-Petrosian's return. Doubtlessly, the participants of the sitting are the very group of people that are ready to urge for the first RA president's return.

Before taking his seat in the first row Ter-Petrosian greeted the members of his party, shook the hand of progressive-liberal Hovhannes Hovhannisian, then sat down next to Samvel Gevorgian. The political figures sitting behind him were likely to enjoy his presence. Indeed, there can be historic moments in the life of each political figure.

The journalists failed to interview Levon Ter-Petrosian. He was smoking and talking to his acquaintances during the breaks. At the congress he listened to the speeches on the unprecedented massacres of the Western Armenians in 1895-96, the Armenians Genocide of 1915 and the final loss of the Western Armenia, as well as on the loss of the Eastern Armenia's great part in 1918-1921. In its adopted formula the 14th Congress of AAM condemned the Armenian ideology based on national-socialistic ideas in all these tragedies, instead of condemning the Ottoman Empire in that.

"The freedom of speech is banned, journalists and the mass media become targets of terrorism, left-wing TV channels are being closed," this is another extract from the formula of AAM Congress. Ararat Zourabian, chairman of the party, emphasized the closing of A1+ channel in his speech. But was it right to talk of the freedom of speech in the presence of the first RA president? On December 28, 1994, all the mass media reflecting the ideas of Armenian Revolutionary Party Dashnaktsutyun were closed and robbed during one night.

The leaders of some parties separated from AAM were not present at the congress. Babken Ararktsian, Alexander Arzoumanian, Ara Sahakian were not at the sitting hall. Henry Cuni, French ambassador to Armenia, accepted the invitation to be present at the congress. Aram Sargsian represented Hanrapetutiun Party, while Stepan Demirchian, leader of the People's Party of Armenia was absent.

Ararat Zourabian stated in his speech at the congress that the regime that seized the power continues its activities that destroy the base of the Armenian state. According to Zourabian, in the Nagorno Karabakh issue, NKR doesn’t participate in the negotiation process, and the conflict became a territorial quarrel between Armenia and

Zourabian emphasized that Armenia is excluded from the regional security, energetic and transportation systems, there is no progress fixed in the Armenian- Turkish relations, while the relations between Russia and Armenia were characterized as those between the master and the slave. As for "Property against Debt" project, it endangers the independence of Armenia, he said.

The leaders of the party keep saying that the All Armenian Movement can be a part of the nation-wide movement against the current regime in Armenia.

BY Tatoul Hakobian

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