Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Today was our last day of Christmas shopping.

Yesterdays shopping was at an outdoor market near Independence Square called Ferduce. I was not enjoying myself at all as it was really cold (maybe -10c) and snowing. My fiancé on the other hand was in shopping heaven.

The prices at Ferduce are really low. We got our artificial tree that cost at most places 7,000 dram for 4,000 dram (about $8). I got a bunch of supplies for my salon there and probably saved 25%, compared to the place my workers recommended I go.

At some point, I started to complain to my fiancé as I could no longer feel my feet, hands or face and said that we need to take a break and drink some hot tea. She was not in the mood to hear my complaining and said that she too was numb, but being that she was in her element (shopping heaven), she was not interested in taking a break. She did allow me to go to Southern Fried Chicken with all the packages to drink something hot, but only after I threaded to hold my breath until I pass out. She said that when she finishes her shopping, she will join me.

After a nice hot cup of chocolate milk and thawing out my body while watching music videos, she showed up with a bunch more packages.

I called a cab to come take us home, but after waiting for what seemed a half hour, we decided to try to find a cab on the street. After failing at finding a cab, we sat on a mini bus that took us home.

Today, we went to the Pedak, which is an indoor shopping center. Again my fiancé was in shopping heaven and we walked the whole place twice and a few rows 3 or 4 times.

We got for the most part everything we were looking for and then some. One thing we got that my fiancé was not expecting was a DVD/CD/MP3/VCD/ Karaoke player (Made in China and only $70) since my fiancé loves music.

From the Pedak, we took all our packages and made our way the Hayastan shopping center, where I left my fiancé and took all the packages to my cousins house where my fiancé agreed to meet after she finished buying herself a pair of pants and a gift for her aunt.

We made our way home, hooked up the DVD player and put in an Armenian Karaoke disk my fiancé picked up at the Hayastan shopping center and well, it has been playing non-stop for the last few hours.

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