Sunday, July 03, 2005

The ancient Armenian pagan feast of “Vartavar” was once again observed in Armenia according to Onnik over at Oneworld Multimedia.

In Martuni, there was no one out with bucks of water to drench unsuspecting pedestrians, since for the most part, the people here have only heard of this day from friends and relatives living in Armenia.

Today we went to Adamyan’s dacha, which is found a few kilometers below Jardar, with my fiancé’s classmates for a BBQ.

Adamyan’s dacha was built during Soviet times when Jardar had an economic boom under the rule of Souren Adamyan, the president of the Jardar collective.

The dacha is situated on a hilltop, where there is a 500 ton reservoir/pool which was built to water the surrounding grape vineyards.

To say the least, the pool is huge, filled with spring water and frogs.

We swam and laid under the sun for most of the day.

I got very tired from swimming and also got sunburned, thus I slept for hours like a baby when I got home in the afternoon.

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