Saturday, July 02, 2005

It seems that General Ohanian has admitted to beating ARF-D’s Pavel Manukian. His reasoning was that Manukian had made offensive and slanderous statements.

Big deal Mr. General. If he made slanderous statements, then take him to court instead of showing what a barbaric animal you are.

I’m thinking that he was probably telling the truth for the most part and the good General didn’t want to have to face up to the facts and didn’t have an answer to what was being said to defend himself from the allegations.

Here is a reality check. First of all, legal actions have been started against the General and his top brass. How far it will be taken is another story, though I know the ARF-D will push hard to make sure things are taken all the way.

In the story below, you can read for yourself that Ohanian admits to the crime and if you ask me, he should be court-martialed to private and tossed out on his ass, along with the very uneducated animals who were also involved. This includes “generals” Vartan and Samuel.

The couple of lines that made me laugh were the ones from Defense Minister Serzh Sarkisian. Serzh thinks people should show more respect for the army’s top brass. I guess I have to ask why? Serzh and Ohanian need to learn that respect is not something that you give just because is a general (since most of our generals today in international terms are not really generals and pushed their way to the top), but something you earn.

If you ask me, there are very few top brass in the Armenian and NKR army that deserve our respect. Those very few people do not include Ohanian and Sarkisian. Feel free to quote me on that since I’ve always taken that position. In fact Ohanian always seems uncomfortable when I’m around him, as he knows very well how I feel about him and I've even pushed questions like the ones Pavel Manukian has, but he didn't have the balls to call me to his office and in fact ignored my requests to meet with him to talk about those issues.

It's now clear that Ohanian has no balls and is just a big bully.
Friday 1, July 2005

Karabakh General Denies Political Motives For Oppositionist’s Beating

By Emil Danielyan

Lieutenant-General Seyran Ohanian, the commander of Nagorno-Karabakh’s army, on Friday admitted taking part in the beating of a local opposition activist, saying that he could not “restrain” himself after hearing “offensive statements” by his former subordinate.

Pavel Manukian, a prominent war veteran affiliated with the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun), was hospitalized with severe injuries after being summoned to the Defense Ministry in Stepanakert on June 21. Manukian insists that he was beaten up Ohanian and other generals furious with his harsh attacks on the top brass of the Karabakh army. He voiced them during last month’s parliamentary election campaign in the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

Ohanian stopped short of denying Manukian’s allegations in a written statement sent to Karabakh and Armenian media. “There are values that can not be desecrated,” he said. “Nobody has such right, especially someone who is well aware of details of his comrades-in-arms’ combat background.”

“As an Armenian, as an Armenian soldier and as someone who bears the price of our Victory on his skin, I could not restrain myself when an attempt was made to slander our army and its command and my comrades-in-arms,” he added.

Manukian, who unsuccessfully ran for parliament on the Dashnaktsutyun list, publicly ridiculed the generals for their stated readiness to obey government orders to withdraw from occupied Azerbaijani territories surrounding Karabakh. He also questioned their moral integrity.

According to Manukian, Ohanian swore at Dashnaktsutyun during the beating and said the NKR leadership would not allow Dashnaktsutyun and other local opposition groups to win the June 19 election. Ohanian appeared to deny this, saying that he has never had problems with Dashnaktsutyun. “Attempts to attribute anti-Dashnak feelings to me or to link the incident to the elections are absolutely groundless,” he said.

Dashnaktsutyun, which denounced the election as fraudulent, strongly condemned the incident and demanded the resignation Ohanian and the other generals. The Karabakh authorities promised an “objective investigation” into the violence but it is not clear if they plan to sanction any of the top army officers.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Serzh Sarkisian told reporters in Yerevan that the incident should not degenerate into a dispute between the Karabakh military and the influential nationalist party represented in Armenia’s government. “Every military commander, especially somebody like Seyran Ohanian, must exercise a great deal of self-control so that no provocation can make him lose his nerve,” he said. “In this regard, Ohanian apparently has a problem to solve.”

But Sarkisian, who himself commander Karabakh Armenian forces during the war with Azerbaijan, went on to stress that the Karabakh commanders must be treated with more respect.

(Photolur photo: Seyran Ohanian.)

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