Saturday, July 23, 2005

Only 14 more hours before I find myself in Shushi saying “I do.”

And hour ago, I got everything done and though the wedding reception is going to be attended by a larger number of people than I was expecting and people are saying that big weddings are not as enjoyable than small ones, I know our wedding and reception is going to be great.

For the most part, all my guests and all her guest as people we both know very well, thus the guests we have invited are going to be there with all their heart and soul for both of us.

I guess that now that the time is nearing, I am actually getting excited.

Today we had a picnic at a spring in Jardar that is memorialized in my fiancé’s father’s name. This is the same place that we were engaged.

During our meal, one of my future in-laws asked me if I was going to drink it up at the wedding. Though I am capable of doing this, I thought about it and said no, I’m probably going to only take a couple of shots since when I get to the reception, I will already be drunk with joy and don’t need to drink to forget and become happy.

After saying what I did, my eldest sister-in-law said that it reminded her of what her father use to say and that was that when people would ask Saribek if he was going to get drunk, he would say that people get drunk to feel the way he always feels and if he got drunk, what kind of person would he become?

Anyway, I need to get to sleep now (I hope I can sleep), as I’ve got to get an early start in the morning.

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