Friday, July 29, 2005

Dear Friends:

This time our attorneys requested the Aug 2 hearing of our case to be postponed until Aug. 16. They understood from meetings they had that we would lose this round because none of the judges would be willing to name "Igityan the suspect." This is what we are now asking the court to do.

They are unwilling to do this because it is too specific and too direct, and without a directive from above, they are unwilling to take this step.

Thus, please -- if you have not yet done so, please write your own letter or something similar to what I sent you previously to President Kocharian, even if not to anyone else.

Also, please send this around to your email list. It will be so helpful if we get several hundred letters written; it might make a difference.

It is critical if we don't win this round, we have nowhere else to go.

Thank you.

PS I've attached both previous Action letter with the addresses. The
President's is the most critical:

There is a problem with the Prime Minister's -- the web site seems to be down.


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Dear Friends,

In light of the most recent postponement of our case in Armenia’s courts, we have decided ask for your support in another letter writing campaign. We want to let the government of Armenia know that not only are we determined to fight this case and demand justice, but we have the support of many people both in and out of Armenia. We are asking you once again for your assistance to help bombard officials of the Armenian government with emails demanding the just resolution of our case.

We are providing you with a sample ‘action letter’ below to which we hope you will add your own comments. Please paste this to the body of an email and send it to all the government officials whose emails we’ve listed below. We hope, too, that as you have done in the past, you will forward this email to as many friends, family, and colleagues as possible.

Although this case is about our investment, that investment was not for personal profit – a fact that makes the situation we find ourselves in even more intolerable. The buildings were to help support and expand our work in Armenia through the Armenian Health Alliance. By expropriating our property and dragging this process on for two years, the Republic of Armenia has violated terms agreed to in treaties signed with the United State which stand as international law. These violations, if they go uncorrected, are taken very seriously by the international legal community and by the United States government. Our case will set a precedent for future foreign investments in Armenia.

Support for us to fight this injustice has been enormous both in the Diaspora and in Armenia. One young Armenian wrote to us recently, "Your case tells me why I feel so unsafe in my country...." Another wrote, "Your case is the most important thing for me... if you lose, we all lose."

We are trying to keep the fight going for their sake. As a noted writer wrote in a recent commentary, "This case is no longer just about the Najarians..."

The next court hearing is August 2 at 12:00 noon. We need to exert pressure now to break the current stalemate.

Thank you as always. Your support is critical

Carolann and George Najarian

President Robert Kocharian: Head of the Press Office:
Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanyan:
Justice Minister Davit Harutyunyan:
National Assembly Speaker Artur Baghdasaryan:
Prime Minister Markaryan:
Defense Minister Serge Sarkisyan (spokesperson):
Anti-Corruption strategy advisor: Bagrat Yesayan: adv_yesayan (This address is “adv_yesayan”)

Minister of Trade K. Chshmaritian:

(see below)

Letters can also be mailed to:
President Robert Kocharian
c/o Ambassador Tatoul Markarian
Embassy of the Republic of Armenia
2225 R Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008

Sample Action Letter: (Cut and Paste)


I am writing to express my grave concern over the apparent corruption which is preventing Carolann and George Najarian from receiving a fair and just hearing of their case – a case which involves the illegal expropriation of their property. It is time for this case to be resolved – fairly and with transparency according to Armenian and international law.

As an official of the government of Armenia, you must work to end the corrupt practices of the Armenian Prosecutor General's Office which have, in effect, led to the expropriation of their investments and are causing Armenia to lose face internationally. Armenia’s top law enforcement officials cannot be involved in unethical and illegal practices if Armenia is to be considered a Democracy. Foreign investors will only invest in a just, fair, and democratic Armenia.

If the Najarians lose their investments a few corrupt officials may gain, but the Republic of Armenia will lose.

A timely resolution of the Najarian case in accordance with Armenian and International laws will serve to upgrade Armenia’s image before world powers as a country committed to democratic process.

Thank you for your consideration.


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