Thursday, July 21, 2005

Only three days left before my wedding day.

I’m in Martuni. Got in last night after taking care of all my work in Yerevan.

Today for the most part I was at home supervising a worker who cleaned my yards while I washed down all the concrete areas. In the heat it was fun playing in water all day.

I invited all my neighbors to the wedding. They are all coming. Now all I have left is 14 more people to call on, which the mayor has offered to do for me, so for the most part I am all done with the inviting.

Our original guest list was 398 people, but after crossing off 50 names, we had 60 people who could not make it, thus we are now at a very comfortable 288.

We worked on the transportation issue tonight and determined that of all the cars that are coming from Martuni to Stepanagert (which is where the reception will be), we will need about 50 seats. This we will do with a small bus and a minivan, which the mayor will take care of also.

Tomorrow I will be going to Stepanagert to do follow-up on shopping. My fiancé went today and reported to me that she felt the person making the wedding cake was over charging us. Our cake is to be a wedding tree, which has 6 cakes in it, each cake they want to charge us 6,000 dram for. From the size they will be, they are half the size of the 6,000 dram white creamy cakes that I usually get for birthdays from another place. So tomorrow, I will pay a visit to the store I always go to and if they will make the cake for what I suspect they will (half the price of the other place), I will cancel the order and go with my baker.

We have chosen our toastmaster for the wedding. It will be my friend Vahe, who came from the US with his wife Seta just for our wedding. This is one incredible man who during the war had sent so much aid from his own pocket that he ended up loosing his business, apartment buildings and really did a number to his health. He's one of those genuine people who is ready to give it all for his people and whatever he says and does, comes from the heart. His wife is also a great person, who supports her husband’s every choice and stands by him through thick and thin, as does his three children.

Anyway, I better get going as I have to get an early start on cleaning the rest of my house. The Srpazan who is going to marry us (the same one that performed our engagement last summer) is coming, along with a Fr. Michael from the English Anglican Church of Jerusalem, who will also partake in our wedding.

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