Sunday, July 10, 2005

How long will this go on? Good people struggle to move one step forward toward positive progress and the corrupt/criminals/”leaders” for their own personal gain, drag us 100 steps back.

Is this a loosing battle? I really have ask myself if we are doing this the right way or not?

We have been trying to straighten things out here in Armenia, following the laws of humanity, yet those who are causing us hardship, claim to respect the laws of humanity, yet their actions clearly indicate that they DON’T respect any written laws. This including the people who have been entrusted to uphold the law.

So how do we struggle against such people?

When the Young Turk leaders were punished by the law at the time in 1919 and then the law somehow set those monsters free, the laws of humanity proved to be powerless over the laws of nature.

The trial on the 8th once again reminded me that the laws of humanity no longer work in Armenia (we have been seeing this happen since independence) and the laws of nature are the only working laws today.

This is evident as for the last year I’ve seen 3 trials against human traffickers (I personally attended 2 trials) and in every case, the guilty was set free even though the evidence presented called for a conviction under the written law that punishes traffickers.

The worst thing is that the Armenian government’s legal bodies are sending out a message that if you are a trafficker, you will get off with a slap on the hand, so don’t worry if you get caught.

For the victims, they become victimized a second time and understand that it is not worth their energy to seek justice against those who have done them wrong.

So what do we do when someone is beyond the law? How can they be punished?

All I know is that when the laws of humanity fail, the laws of nature eventually kick in.

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