Monday, November 27, 2006

Armenian-American silent majority donates only $1 million to the All-Armenia Fund “Telethon-2006”

The annual "Hayastan" All-Armenian Fund telethon, which is the most successful government controlled collectors of Diaspora monies reported that they successfully collected $13.7 million.

Running the numbers, we discover that $9.8 million were given by 7 donors (who gave $500k or more), $270,000 were given by 4 donors of $50k or greater, $1.4 million were given by Germany, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland, and $1,200,000 was squeezed out of the natives of Armenia and Artsakh, totaling $12,670,000. This means a little more than $1 million was giving by the Diaspora of America, which makes up about 1 million of the better off financially Armenians of the world (less than 1% participated).

The above "success" is an indicator of the confidence the Armenian-American Diaspora has in the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund and its Board of Trustees. I would guess this has to do with the large Armenians from Armenia who have seen first hand how those in power use collected Disapora money.

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